Adsertor: Residency at Bahrain FinTech Bay

We sat with Sohail Nawaz MBE, Adsertors' CEO of the MENA region, corporate partners to and resident at Bahrain FinTech Bay. He said “our combined technologies come together to form the only GDPR compliant technology stack that centralises and consolidates a businesses data into one platform and then builds website visitor insights over the top of the centralised data. This process of combining our technologies and the resulting analysis enables any client using our tech stack to better understand the interaction and engagement of their clients which forms a vital part of their Big Data strategy and will be instrumental in shaping their future AI strategy".

"It's been a fantastic experience!"

Sohail Nawaz MBE says: “It’s been a fantastic experience!” We’ve received great support from Khalid Saad, CEO of BFB and the whole Fintech team. EDB fast tracking our registration process has really helped too and we’re looking forward to working in conjunction with the team at Bahrain FinTech Bay to run a number of workshops in addition to adding value to clients that sit within the ecosystem with our technology stack.”

Tell us about Adsertor, How/when was it formed?


Timothy Roberts, Group CEO of Adsertor says: “Adsertor was formed in 2014, after extensive research and development starting in 2010. The research culminated in our platform being built to accommodate the ability to create reports from one system rather than having to use multiple systems and the ability to consolidate and validate data into one system and overlay that data with website visitor insights on recency, frequency, monetary, product and price patterns.


Can you tell us about your services/products in brief?


Sohail: We have a number of technologies that come together and it starts with the ability to give your website a health-check. There are a number of Google algorithm updates that happen every year which can adversely affect the brand visibility of your website on the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP’s) in addition to causing high costs per click on paid marketing campaigns.  


Our website auditing software highlights areas on your website that will negatively affect your ranking on the search engines and that may be causing unnecessary high click costs due to non compliance to latest algorithm updates. The website auditing software produces a comprehensive report which highlights what the current problems are for, where they can be found on the website and a full list of fixes required for each webpage where a problem has been identified. The report is forwarded to the website development team for them to repair highlighted issues which results in a more favourable crawl result post the fixes taking place and hence improved brand visibility on the SERP’s.


Once we get the website in a healthier position and it is Google compliant in terms of relevant content, loading speed times of the website on mobile devices, making sure it is mobile friendly with good user experience etc. we then help you to drive traffic into the website - that’s where the main platform kicks in, our Adsertor platform.


The Adsertor platform allows you to build websites visitor insights. When someone comes into the website we can start building social and engagement profiles / insights about that website visitor and what that enables our team to do is to better understand the interaction and engagement of that visitor with our clients products and services. The platform also enables our clients to import existing data in their business from varying data sources e.g. EPOS systems or accounting systems and centralise and consolidate all the data into one space. The data is then validated and cleaned and we overlay the website visitor insights over the centralized data. This then builds a 360 degree view of our clients customer and can form the basis of their Big Data strategy which will feed a future AI engagement strategy in addition to data driven marketing campaigns.


Who is your customer/target market with the products/services that you offer?


With what’s happening with Fintech, our technologies align to that vertical beautifully because any organization that wants to own the customer experience via their website,  our technology can support that ownership journey through dedicated support to ensure the website is regularly health-checked and search engine compliant to link with the new algorithm updates and then having the profiling and interaction engagement software constantly looking at how people are engaging and interacting, what they are engaging on, what are they buying, how are they paying in addition to being able to communicate directly with web visitors on their social media platforms. All of that information aligns itself beautifully to Fintech. Our technologies also align beautifully to any government entities who are currently embarking on digital transformation projects.


What are the outcomes that you’ve seen through your residency at Bahrain FinTech Bay?


The outcomes that we’ve seen is a really collaborative approach to wanting to deliver value added services to clients that sit within the ecosystem. The collaborative approach, the support, the friendliness, passion and the energy that is in this space is just phenomenal. Being a part of the energy and passion and part of the digital revolution taking place in Bahrain is really exciting and we are honoured and privileged to be a part of it!


What are your future plans/product launch at Adsertor?


We’re bringing our updated platform, 2.0 to Bahrain. We’re currently operating on platform 1.9 and our current system has a number of limitations in terms of automation. So when we finish building platform version 2.0 which will be launched at the end-of-May-early-June, we will house that platform here in Bahrain.


Centre of Excellence.


What we’re building in Bahrain is a center of excellence where we will work and recruit from the vast wealth of entrepreneurial experience here in Bahrain. We aim to work with these entrepreneurs and help to connect them to our data scientists in the UK via our partners at Daresbury Science Park in the UK and we aim to capacity build our Bahraini entrepenneurs and bring them back to Bahrain to support our growth across the Mena region with Bahrain as the hub.


Is there anything else you would like to add?


As part of our CSR strategy, we’re committed to empowering and capacity building the SME and entrepreneurial community in Bahrain to benefit from and contribute to the digital economy via running free workshops.


The workshops will facilitate the imparting of knowledge for delegates which will support them to build online communities for their businesses whilst remaining GDPR compliant and we aim to work with EDB, Rowad, MOIC and FinTech Bay as our partners to deliver this.