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Ameera Mohamed.jpg

Associate,  Bahrain FinTech Bay

BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance, Bahrain Polytechnic

Ameera Mohamed 


Ameera Mohamed is an Associate at Bahrain FinTech Bay.


Ameera Mohamed graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic with a BSc degree in Banking and Finance. Ameera is a keen learner aiming to gain exposure and experience in various banking and finance fields. She looks forward to challenges to continue developing her interpersonal skills and gain the necessary knowledge that is beneficial in the industry.

Additionally, she had previously assisted as a Business Research Analyst in partnership with Bahrain Polytechnic to conduct research for Bahrain insurance company, Trust RE. Ameera participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2018 and won the Bahrain local finals along with her team. In addition to her university education, Ameera is also a participant of Mutamahin, a program organized by the CFA Society Bahrain, to develop all relevant skillset for the Finance field. She continues to contribute to the Society by being a volunteer at the CFA Society Bahrain. 

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