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Senior Associate - Community & Ecosystem, Bahrain FinTech Bay

BSc in Business Management, Bahrain Polytechnic

Amina Naar

Amina Naar is the Senior Associate - Community & Ecosystem at Bahrain FinTech Bay.


Amina holds over 7+ years of experience in the startup industry, specifically in VC and angel investment, and currently in FinTech. Before joining Bahrain FinTech Bay in 2018, Amina has worked at Tenmou and 500 Startups MENA. She assists in leading the operations of BFB’s Acceleration programs across their lifecycle, which includes ideation, content creation, partnership proposal, execution, and the marketing strategy that includes theme design, logistics, and full spectrum operation. 


She also assists FinTechs with their expansion plans to The Kingdom of Bahrain, including onboarding local and global SMEs looking to set up their regional offices. She also leads the community initiatives at BFB, including managing their VC network, offering opportunities for startups seeking investment, and VCs looking to expand their portfolio. 


Amina graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic with a BSc degree in Business Management.

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