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The FinTech for Sustainability Hackathon, in Strategic Partnership with the Central Bank of Bahrain and Tamkeen, gives innovative university students the opportunity to  play a part in making the world a better place. 

The FinTech for Sustainability Hackathon fosters development and drives innovation, using sustainable FinTech solutions as a vehicle to support the growth of SDG goals. 



Pick a Goal that Speaks to You

Pitch your Innovative Idea 

Join a Team of Ambitious &

Enthusiastic Individuals

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The United Nations (UN) General Assembly launched 17 global

goals as part of a wider agenda for sustainable development by 2030




Layla Alqassab - Head of Finance - BENEFIT Company

Layla Alqassab is a Certified Co-Active Professional Life & Executive Coach (CPCC) and a Fellow ACCA who is currently heading the Finance Department within Benefit. She has over 14 years of experience with the following industries: Financial Services, Consultancy, Audit, Educational Institutions, Multi-National Companies, and Health Centers. Her coaching specialty is in leadership, career development, change management and team development. As a coach she is challenging, passionate, inspiring, open-minded and authentic and she believes that a Coach helps clients access more of their abilities, fulfill their potential and enables them to be more effective personally and at work. To her, coaching promotes the personality to grow and develop. Her use of a combination of challenging questions and highly attentive listening skills has allowed her to develop a trustful and effective customer relationship with clients of various backgrounds.

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Nadia Muijrers - Multidisciplinary consultant and founder of Alphard Consulting

Nadia is a multidisciplinary consultant and founder of Alphard Consulting. She also serves as a lecturer at the Arab Open University, Bahrain in the Business Administration department. Her specialties revolve around organizational behavior and change, consumer insight, innovation and social entrepreneurship, and workshop facilitation. She is fascinated by interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics, and has a passion for tackling people-centered problems in organizations and in society. 

Nadia’s expertise lies at the intersection of business and the social sciences. Before founding Alphard, she worked as an organizational change consultant with SHM Productions in London. Prior to that, her experience included investment banking and business advisory roles EY, Arab Banking Corporation, and as an independent consultant in Bahrain. She completed her MBA as a Fulbright Scholar in the US specializing in Culture, Organizations and Social Innovation. She also holds an MPhil in International Development from the University of Cambridge and a BSc in Economics and Political Science from the University of Birmingham. In her spare time, Nadia volunteers as a facilitator with Soliya’s Connect Program, an online cross-cultural dialogue and education program for university students. She is also a volunteer with Injaz Bahrain where she trains university students in work readiness skills, including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and conflict management skills.

Ali Beshara - Head of Risk Management and Information Security - BENEFIT Company

Ali is an Information technology professional with more than 20 years of experience, having firsthand experience with developing and managing IT, Quality Management systems, Public Administration and Human resource Management such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001, e-Government, electronic transformation and Microsoft Infrastructure Environment.

Wide exposure to several best practices in information technology and government service improvement initiatives through the membership of more than 10 assessment committees in local and regional awards.


Khalifa AlMannai - Founder and Managing Director of MannaiTech

Khalifa A. AlMannai is the founder and managing director of MannaiTech: a technology company established in 2014 that offers IT solutions, consultancy and award winning platform services which have been designed, developed and deployed from the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

Khalifa is also the recipient of Bahrain’s Award for Entrepreneurship in 2016, by His Royal Highness the Crown Price of Bahrain, for his innovative start-up of the year. 

In addition to this, despite running a newly developed establishment for only a single year, he was placed 5th among 3700 business in the MENA region for the Intel business challenge. Furthermore, Khalifa is the Treasurer and a Board Member of the ASEAN Bahrain Council (ABC) and a Member of the Technology Committee at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). 

Throughout his professional journey, Khalifa has always carried a solid vision, to provide excellence through tailor-made, limitless and border-less services, that will bring experts, professionals and clients together.

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Moyaz Kassam - Managing Director, Principal - Growth Alliance Consulting

Moyez is an accomplished management executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with diverse experience in formulating innovative solutions to complex challenges. 

As an entrepreneur, Moyez has founded, co-founded, developed and managed start-ups in the GCC and South America that provided technology-based solutions and consulting services. He was the founder of 21st Century Skills, a pioneer in bringing technology-assisted learning to the Arabian Gulf regions. He also co-founded two Satellite-based telecommunications ventures, one of which, has evolved into a highly successful nation-wide wireless telecoms operator. 

As a mentor, Moyez is actively involved with helping and inspiring Bahraini entrepreneurs in starting and developing their businesses by sharing his diverse experiences, knowledge, and wisdom.

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Ahmed Al Mehri - Business Services Manager at BENEFIT

Working with the BENEFIT Company (Bahrain’s network for financial Transactions) since 2009, with experience of 10 years in banking and financial services technology. He studied Masters in Business Administration in Ahlia University, and holder of number of professional certificates in Banking and finance. Ahmed been part of the Project Management teams of national technology projects like the cheque Truncation System, Electronic Fund Transfer system and most recently The National Electronic Wallet (BenefitPay).

Ahmed Almahri.jpg

Ahmed Almulla  Assistant Manager, Project Management Office  The BENEFIT Company

Project management professional with 10+ years of experience focusing on IT applications development, IT procurement, PMO establishment and implementation, and cost restructuring. Specialties in Project Management, Management Information Systems, and Data Analytics.

Have a proven track record in managing projects in FinTech, telecom, and government sectors. Active member in Ayadi Relief Organization, in the capacity of Project Manager and Financial Consultant.


Master’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in Management Information Systems and Data Analytics from Texas A&M University – USA,

Bachelor Degree with Honours in Software Engineering from University of Otago – New Zealand. (15).jpg

Yazin Alirhayim  - CEO of Verify