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When is the event?

Tomorrow, Friday 21st, 2020 at 09:00 AM (Registration)

Where is the event?

At Bahrain FinTech Bay Offices, 3rd Floor, Arcapita Building (Google Maps)

Can I come alone or do I need to come with a team?

The exciting thing about the open banking hackathon is that you form a team during the event. You don't need to have a team to participate, however if you'd like to join as a team, feel free to do so.

Where can we get more information?

Click here to find more information on the agenda, mentors, judges, added information, etc

When is the pitching finale?

On Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. Emails will be sent out for more details. (Please check your emails regularly!)

Do I need an idea to join the hackathon?

You do not need an idea to join the hackathon! Our hackathon welcomes people with special skill-sets to join teams and assist the idea that they like! So if you don't have an idea, join the idea you like the best!

Have I been accepted to participate in the hackathon?

We welcome all participants who are willing to learn! Please make sure you have registered, or register at the door at 09:00 am on Friday! (any late walk-ins will not be able to participate in the hackathon)

Can I pitch my existing business or a business plan/idea I've already worked on?

No, any pitch of existing businesses or pre-planned business plans will be disqualified. All ideas should be worked on from scratch.

What is Open Banking?

As the financial services industry transforms further and the relationship with customers is enhanced, open banking will be one of the main drivers of this transformation. Bahrain has already embarked on the Open Banking journey and other jurisdictions in the region are also assessing the opportunity. What is Open Banking? Open banking is the practice of sharing personal financial information electronically, in a secure way, under the conditions that the customer approves of. API’s allow third-parties to access financial information efficiently, which aids in promoting the development of new applications and services, resulting in better consumer experience. This tech-driven transformational shift to the financial sector facilitates banks, and financial institutions alike to explore innovation.