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Reach Customers Along their Journey - From Acquisition to Advocacy 

Streamline segmentation and targeting processes to determine the right audiences, quickly and at scale.

Delivering personalized experiences for your customers, whether you have 100 or 100 million, efficiently and effectively.

Tailoring messaging to each customer automatically based on their profile.


Develop a Bespoke Marketing Automation Solution, and Get the Opportunity to Work with BisB

In this unique future-forward program, startups will be given the challenge of simplifying digital marketing. Teams of professional marketeers, web and software developers, and computer programmers will be challenged to create the ultimate tech platform for Social Media, which combines the power of automated processes, from digital platform analytics and social media listening, to scheduling, reporting and publishing, with a built-in approval process.  Are you ready to be part of this incubation program, where you can get hands on experience and exposure to BisB’s IT and marketing departments?

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Schedule email sends, create one-off campaigns, and manage your subscriber base, all from the same interface.

A/B Testing

Automatically run A/B tests of email campaigns to find the message that inspires the most engagement and conversation.

A/B Testing

Define goals and measure everything: click-through rates (CTRs), timing, channels, conversions, and more. Evaluate progress and optimize on the fly, from any device.


Expand your view of customers beyond CRM into web analytics and ecommerce data.


Tips & Tricks

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Define and present your goals

Use real numbers to justify the investment in a marketing automation platform to your stakeholders.

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Collaborate with other teams

Your marketing automation strategy will touch several teams in your company. Get their input and buy-in before you begin.


Create process visualizations

Use detailed diagrams of your marketing automation workflow to relay your big picture objectives to your entire organization — efficiently and effectively.


Prepare for database segmentation

Consider your customer data. Think about who you’d like to engage, and why.


Prepare your content strategy

Build your content library, and create interesting, engaging, and relevant messaging designed to reach all stages of the customer lifecycle.

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Plan for a slow rollout

The world’s most successful marketing automation firms stagger their launches. Test early and optimize the next block of programs to give yourself the best chance of success.


Analyze as you go

See what’s worki