Corporate Incubation

Bahrain FinTech Bay’s Corporate Innovation Lab offers a multi-dimensional ecosystem for corporate innovation. The Lab is an initiative promoted by Bahrain FinTech Bay to support and promote the entrepreneurial aspect of the FinTech Ecosystem through the adoption of the following elements:


Viable in the long term and factoring in support infrastructure become more competitive by improving  business processes as well as by means of digital technology


Provide connections with investors, facilitate access to financing for digital transformations, and help connect users of digital innovations across the value chain


Diversity and creativity thrive in an inclusive environment that invites new ways of thinking, and challenges the status quo


Foster innovation, engage and collaborate with the local and international partners across all of our hubs

Increase your brand recognition & value – Engage with FinTech Consortium’s global partner network

Ideate and incubate your projects in our collaborative co-working spaces in Bahrain, Singapore and the United States

Facilitation of Entrepreneurship to  stimulate further innovation and commercialize business concepts

Attend bespoke events, workshops, meetings and product demos at our offices

Cross cultural experiences to allow access to new markets and create a diverse global marketplace

Our Steps for Effective Innovation


Set Innovation Strategy


Explore the S-curve


Establish Innovation Vehicle


Scout for Right Partner


Optimize Investments

  • Conduct cross-industry assessment of disruptive trends

  • Enable executive “immersions” in Bahrain

  • Understand the start-up landscape

  • Assess potential partners’ fit with company’s innovation goals

  • Engineer a structured decision-making process

  • Define specific roles

  • Develop corporate venture strategy

  • Assess type of satellite companies

  • Adopt proactive mitigation measures

  • Build business case

  • Develop proof of concept and conduct rapid prototyping

  • Develop innovation KPIs and key milestones

Set Up Your Innovation Lab With Us

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