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Associate, Bahrain FinTech Bay

Associate, FinTech Consortium

BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance, Bahrain Polytechnic

Faisal Alahmed


Faisal Alahmed is an Associate at Bahrain FinTech Bay.


Faisal AlAhmed graduated from Bahrain Polytechnic with a BSc degree in Banking and Finance. Faisal is passionate about the finance industry and has participated in the CFA Research Challenge 2017-2018. He has a wide array of volunteering experiences in different organizations and projects. The most impactful experience was in China where he volunteered as a teacher in unprivileged villages. 


In his free time, Faisal enjoys water-sport activities such as swimming, scuba diving and rafting. Also, he is fascinated about motorsports and has played a part in these events as a motorsport marshal for the past six years.