Featured Talk

Government Blockchain Technology.png

Government Blockchain Solutions for Turbulent Times

Talk: 01

This webinar will present two decentralised use cases that can serve as part of the relief effort providing transparency and security as design principles. 

AI & RPA .png

AI & RPA: What is the Difference and What is Next?

Talk: 04

This session will explore Robotic Process Automation (RPA), what it can do and the difference between RPA and other forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Debunking the Cost of Digital

Talk: 07

In this session, we will discuss how digitalization is a long journey that consists of many small steps and demonstrate that the first step is not too hard after all.


Breaking the Deadlock

Talk: 10

Learn about regional drivers that have shaped private markets and analyze how technology can help implement better regulatory and governance frameworks.

BFB x R3 FinTalks 1.png

Supporting MENA FinTech Innovation | BFB & R3

Talk: 13

Watch this panel discussion to learn more about the latest fintechs making waves in MENA.

Cyberisks in current times.png

Navigating Cyber Risk in Current Times

Talk: 02

The session highlights sand touches upon what cyber risks are, privacy legislation around the region and the ways of protection including cyber risk insurance coverage and service.

Online Education and Emerging Technologi

Online Education & Emerging Technologies Post-Covid-19

Talk: 05

Learn how organizations can innovate and embrace emerging technologies to stay competitive and relevant in a post-COVID-19 world.

FinTalks | Mastercard

Collaborating with FinTechs to Respond to COVID-19

Talk: 08

In the tech world, disruption is not just the norm – it's the goal. Many FinTech companies have leaped to tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19.

FinTalks Post-min.png

Building Ecosystems in the Insurance Sector

Talk: 11

Join us to gain a different perspective about health, health ecosystems and how digital companies can drive the development of the insurance sector. 

Open banking 360 live1.png

Open Banking 360:Reshaping the Future of Banking

Talk: 14

In this FinTalks webinar, we discussed how Open Banking will shape the future of the Banking industry and how banks can revolutionize their services and offerings.

B2B Technology to Financial Institutions

B2B Technology to Financial Institutions Amid COVID-19

Talk: 03

Gareth will highlight how COVID-19 has shaped the finance industry’s response to digitalisation and how tech can support financial firms during this period.

FinTalks Nucoro Bank ABC FinTech.png

How Financial Institutions Can Respond to Customers 

Talk: 06

In this session we will be discussing how firms can ramp up their innovation efforts to meet the new needs of customers expectations due to COVID-19

FinTalks _ GISFC

Empowering Impact & Sustainability with FinTech

Talk: 09

Explore how financial and other technologies are helping accelerate a digitally empowered sustainable revolution.

FinCrime Compliance1-min.png

FinCrime Compliance for FinTechs and Digital Banking

Talk: 12

Learn how banks can work within the framework of their existing compliance programs to launch new products, and more.