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Co-Working Space

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Thought Leadership


Gain the exclusive insights from our data-driven analysis to stay on top of FinTech’s ever-changing landscape.

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FinTech Advisory

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Conferences & Events

Currently home to 40+ innovative FinTech companies in MENA, our space is the ideal environment for meeting development goals and achieving corporate initiatives. 

Our FinTech Acceleration Program accelerates growth of post-mvp startups by providing mentorship, investment and business development support.


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Our FinTech Advisory Services (FAS) are at the intersection of our expertise in financial services, emerging technologies and broad, global network. We aim to promote innovation and provide insight into cutting edge solutions and business cases in global markets, unlocking new revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. 

We bridge our community with our global network of FinTech thought leaders through our conferences and events in the fields of Blockchain, RegTech and lnsurTech. 

FinTech Consortium Institute

We are committed to the development of local and regional talent; equipping professionals and entrepreneurs with new skill-sets to capitalize upon the opportunities created by FinTech disruption.

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Georgetown FinTech Program

  • 12-week online program

  • Interactive course with 7 modules and two live sessions in Bahrain

  • Explore key verticals and cutting edge technologies through global case-studies and panel discussions with fintech practitioners

  • Identify and develop innovative ideas over 12 weeks and create fintech-related business ideas for commercial opportunities

BetaBlocks Academy

  • On demand education at your own pace

  • Pre-recorded online course with interactive activities

  • Includes comprehensive overview of five key emerging technologies at the center of the digital revolution: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, and the Cloud Infrastructure

  • Forms the building blocks required for a complete learning journey, leading to specialized courses in emerging technology applications for industries such as finance, supply chain and healthcare.

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