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Why did you take the entrepreneurship path? How did it start?

People will lose trust in the way we educate our children, younger generation knows everything now; You need to realize that whenever they need to know how to do certain things, they’ll search and watch videos to learn instantly. I’ve always been curious and wanting to learn how to create, develop and build and felt like I needed to do that on my own. I went and taught myself what I needed to know to transform my ideas into something people would benefit from. I had no experience – ZERO experience. I spent hundreds of hours researching, read more and looked for the best platforms to get started. I really invested all I had into this journey including time, money and beautiful moments.

Earlier I co-founded two startups - Yuppie and WNNA. I gained a lot of experience, built relationships and took all the lessons learned to finally build Nural which was mid this year.

You took one Computer Science course and then learned everything you know today from scratch. Additionally, you’ve built a beautiful user-friendly app for SMEs. Share some tips with us.

I’m always hungry to learn and you have unlimited resources available today. You have a great tool which we think is basic like Google where you type any question you have and BAM! You get an answer or at least a start. There are endless of free tools out there for anything you want to do. You just have to ask the right question then when you get an answer, start working on it. After that, do more research in details continuously to improve your skills.

 I self-taught myself and I even posted certain templates on my Instagram profile to share with others who are trying to build the same. We should be grateful that we have access to a world of possibilities when it comes to gaining new skills. YouTube was my first tutor I would say and then added a few on the list.

“Imagine what you’re trying to build.”


Share some website or platforms you’ve used to learn awesome new skills.

Of course I’ll always say that YouTube is the level 1 and a very strong tool. You have professionals taking videos of their process and that’s real gold. Another outlet is Medium – I read a lot of blogs / tutorials written by experts in the field and its tremendously helpful, and insightful. I highly recommend people to read and watch more on these platforms relating to the topics they’re interested in, and also contribute! Give back to community.

What is Nural exactly? Explain your app and its purpose.

Effective and efficient Project Management and team communication has always been at the heart of successful businesses, which is becoming more difficult every day. At Nural we are rethinking the entire project management stack. We created a smart project management platform that helps you to

  • Manage your tasks,

  • Organize team communication and

  • Create, share and maintain notes.

intelligently, seamlessly and effectively - all in one place.

We aim to empower teams to work intuitively – and that’s Nural.

The available platforms for project managers are good to use, but they are too professional. So, it takes time & effort to educate the team members how to manage tasks, conversations, and notes. Looking closer, many of these applications are designed for specific functions and are poor when it comes to

  1. Bridging the gap between information and goals.

  2. Organizing chaotic group communication - you always miss some important messages.

  3. Starting a new project, you repeat the same steps every time.

“Nural is a platform that will go as far as your imagination and inspiration will take it.”

Where did the name come from?

It’s actually an AI term that means set of algorithms based on your brain.

Who is the team behind Nural?

We have great team – Operation Officer & iOS, Web Developer & Intelligent Designer & UX/UI Designer & two in finance.

You have a large number of people using Nural, what is it?

We have about 90,000 people using Nural. That is a big number! Its something amazing for the team and I to know that we have people from all over using our app on a daily basis. Those numbers make us happy.

Do you have an on boarding process for Nural?

We don’t have that in the BETA version because we wanted to see how people navigate and use the app. All their movements like tapping, swiping and what they click etc. Without directions, its interesting to see their behavior. Based on their behavior, we will improve the user experience over time.


Nural bfb.jpg

You went to Jeddah for AppzWorld Forum to showcase Nural and you had a lot of positive feedback from SMEs there. How was your experience?

Jeddah is amazing – such great healthy place. I’ve never seen a more vibrant crowd, and the atmosphere was in the best way I can describe it – electric. The event had about 15,000 people and it was a huge deal for us to showcase our idea in another market to SMEs in Saudi Arabia.

The response was so positive – we had a question on our roll up saying “Missed your project deadlines again? Who will you blame.” So we had a lot of people come up and say “YES, please. We need help with project management and kept pointing at their team members stating that it was an issue to have everyone be productive and finish tasks by the deadline. We had several people try the app from Jeddah and they loved it. People there are so real; If your idea need a lot of work... they’ll let you know.

“I want to catch the fish, not eat it. I’ve always wanted to go out there and discover then create”

By the way, congratulations! I recently saw you present at Flat6Labs. How was that journey?

Flat6Labs changed my life. It was an amazing feeling to have learned so much and be on stage presenting my idea to so many people. I was lucky to have an amazing mentor in the process. I’ve met passionate people, worked in a challenging yet inspiring and healthy environment and took away so many valuable lessons.


I can’t believe fast forward – here I ‘am as one of the graduating startups of Flat6Labs. I’m proud of my team, and my parents were extremely happy to see this celebration as well.

What the best lesson learned while building Nural?

At first I found myself talking about the product. I have a different language that my audience didn’t understand because I spoke about the technicalities. I wasn’t selling. I didn’t have a story, but I had a great product and that wasn’t enough. My earlier pitches were about fancy user interfaces and features, AI etc. Now, it’s cool to have AI and features with fancy user interface but what can all of these add to your customers? “Where is the real pain?” and “How I’m solving your problem” That was a message customers wanted to hear.

What do you recommend people to not do – you had a few good tips. Share them

  • Your language has to be universal.

  • Let people know! Sell. Sell. Sell. Don’t be shy and feel free to embrace yourself.

  • Ask the right question.

  • There is no recipe. Don’t waste your time trying to know everything to take first step.

“Use what you have and do what you can’t. It's now or never”


What is your life motto?

I have one and I have shared that motto everywhere I go. It represents me - I’m beta! doing what I can’t to create, innovate and inspire.

3 tips you’d like to share for people that want to start their own journey and build a business

  • Everything happens will take time. Make sure you take calculated risks and then the process would look clearer and less cluttered

  • Ask the right questions – this applies to networking, learning and even testing. When you have the right questions in place then you can formulate better solutions

  • Don’t worry about trying to know everything because you can’t. Know what you need to know for the task at hand and keep going

“We are empowering teams to work intuitively.”

Thank you Hamad for having coffee with us and we will make sure to follow your journey. We are sure it will be epic - KEEP GOING

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