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Sprive aims to include the unbanked/underbanked sector of the population through a smart app by which customers do not need bank accounts to attain investment opportunities. In order to obtain sustainability and tap onto Islamic finance, we are offering Shariah complaint investment opportunities to everyone with or without bank accounts or cards, by partnering with Islamic investment banks. Thereby, providing the advantage to even low income earning individuals to access investment services.


The streetlights in our country and most of the other countries worldwide are being operated at maximum capacity during the long night hours with old technology that is inefficient in such modern days as they are extremely costly to operate and impractical. Beam introduces eco-friendly lights that generates clean and affordable energy. Whenever there is no car passing by, the streetlights would dim to a safe efficient amount of approximately 20% and accordingly whenever a car is close to passing by, the sensors would be actuated hence streetlights would consume higher electricity hence brighter light.


AI technology has shaped lives for the better by making it easier, faster and efficient. But are we really that advanced? The reasons why traffic has become such a havoc for all citizens as air pollution keeps increasing due to the cars being idle. In Bahrain, Statistics show that approximately 40hrs+ is the total time of one vehicle being idle in traffic, which releases a harmful chemical known as PM 2.5. Our solution will eliminate problems such as: Air pollution, noise pollution, traffic accidents, and traffic policemen working under harsh conditions), and emergency vehicles to pass by easing traffic flow with cameras. Thus, providing accurate image detection whilst being able to control the signal lights for all lanes before the cars reaches the traffic light. The functions we are handling are traffic management, pollution control, efficient fuel consumption, improvement of air quality, time proficiency, productivity enhancement, quicker emergency services response time.


In today's world we are facing a lot of problems and concerns from overcrowding and wastage of foods and alot of products especially in malls and hyper markets. Thus, to help reduce these problems , we've introduced the 'Smart Supermarket' solution. The Smart Supermarket helps in reducing the overcrowding and waste generated through supermarket's supply chain.


DonateTech is Bahrain's first cashless Crypto-philanthropy platform, providing new means of giving, accepting and distributing donations by using Blockchain technology and bringing disruption to the social charity sector in the region. Our aim is to incentivize charity to aid vulnerable people and refugees, in order to fulfill their basic needs such as: education, health, food, housing and living essentials.


VerTech offers a Virtual reality experience, supported through Robotics-simulation, that will be offered to encourage  high school students to experience the various academic approaches and quality of education in different colleges locally or internationally. The artificial intelligence tools will firstly let the students experience classroom lectures by using VR stimulation. To illustrate, students will have simulated sessions guided by a stimulated tutor, which can be used through technological Application. Therefore they will be experiencing different academic approaches on Business, Engineering, IT and Law majors etc. Secondly, after they gain their experience, they will be evaluated through Robotic simulator. To explain, the student will be having a face to face interaction with a simulated Robot to answer related quizzes questions on the sessions they have experienced. As a result, students will be assessed on their quiz answers by evaluating and identifying their mental characteristics, body language, verbal communication skills and their gained knowledge.   


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