December 17, 2018

FinTech Consortium Announces Launch of SG FinTech Bay

SINGAPORE, 18 December, 2018 - FinTech Consortium today announced the launch of SG FinTech Bay, its Singapore FinTech platform. FinTech Consortium is expanding its FinTech model after success in Bahrain and USA.


SG FinTech Bay is launching a.o. incorporating its Venture Acceleration Program and FinTech Talent Program and is looking for FinTech Companies, who want to expand into the South East Asian markets. FinTech Consortium has a local team in place, to integrate SG FinTech Bay into its established regional network and link to its other FinTech related ventures.

December 02, 2018

FinTech Consortium Announces the Launch of Dedicated FinTech Talent & Career Platform For the MENA Region

Singapore, 3rd December 2018: FinTech Consortium announces today the launch of its dedicated FinTech talent & career platform, aiming to foster the FinTech Talent ecosystem for the MENA region. aspires to become the leading dedicated FinTech Talent & Career platform for the MENA region. It brings together FinTech enthusiasts, job-seekers, recruiters, educational bodies, corporates, financial institutions, venture capitalists, regulators, startups and incubators to drive FinTech Talent forward.

December 01, 2018

Nov 2018 e-Newsletter

Welcome to our November monthly newsletter! 

In this eventful month, we give you a look at all of our exciting events hosted by Bahrain FinTech Bay including the success of our first BlockOn Conference. Also get a chance to view the first hackathon in our space and our recently released report. 

December 01, 2018

BlockOn Thank you Newsletter

We would like to thank our sponsors, speakers and attendees for their generous support on our inaugural BlockOn Conference 2018, which was held in strategic partnership with Tamkeen and Bahrain EDB, under the patronage of Khalid Al Rumaihi, CE of Bahrain EDB.


Our BlockOn Conference witnessed over 300 attendees comprising of local, regional and global blockchain innovators and professionals, where they explored the rising opportunities and challenges presented by the industry with a focus on training and development on the basics of blockchain.


Click here for our BlockOn newsletter recap.

November 21, 2018

BlockOn Conference 2018

BlockOn Conference 2018 to kick off on 22nd of November 2018 in the Wyndham Grand Hotel, Bahrain Bay.

November 12, 2018

Bahrain-Singapore financial cooperation signed

Manama, Nov. 13: The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster innovation in financial services between the two countries.  


The MoU aims at mutual cooperation, supervision and support between the Central Bank of Bahrain and Monetary Authority of Singapore to facilitate the exchange of information on trends and developments in emerging fintech and innovation projects in Bahrain and Singapore. The MOU will also contribute to a common framework to help fintech companies prepare for regulatory requirements in both countries.

October 30, 2018

Bahrain FinTech Bay launches Bahrain FinTech Talent Report

Manama, 31 October 2018: Bahrain FinTech Bay is pleased to announce the launch of the Bahrain FinTech Talent Report. The Bahrain FinTech Talent Report reviews the talent landscape in Bahrain and 13 other countries to further understand the domestic demand for the development of a workforce that can service the FinTech industry. The report focuses on the perceptions of both the incoming and the existing workforce that embodies students, employees, and employers. 

October 22, 2018

Bahrain Polytechnic signs MoU with Bahrain FinTech Bay

Bahrain Polytechnic signed a memorandum of understanding with Bahrain FinTech Bay at their offices in Bahrain Bay. The Polytechnic students will have the opportunity to develop their skills and improve their employment prospects in connection with the industry.

BFB will offer the Polytechnic students internship opportunities, work placements, cooperative projects, on the job training, and part time and summer jobs. Additionally, BFB will provide the Polytechnic with guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise with students and staff.

This ensures that Polytechnic students will earn the necessary experience of working in a real company during their studies.

October 20, 2018

إطلاق المركز العالمي للتكنولوجيا المالية الإسلامية والمستدامة في خليج البحرين للتكنولوجيا المالية

المنامة، التاريخ: أعلن خليج البحرين للتكنولوجيا المالية (Bahrain FinTech Bay) اليوم عن إطلاق المركز العالمي للتكنولوجيا المالية الإسلامية و المستدامة (GISFC) والذي يضم أعضاءً من المملكة والإقليم والعالم. ويستند عمل المركز على شبكة الشركاء المتنوعة لخليج البحرين للتكنولوجيا من المملكة والإقليم والعالم ويهدف إلى تسريع استخدام التكنولوجيا المالية في التمويل الإسلامي في  المرحلة القادمة بينما يركز على الابتكار الاجتماعي المسئول الذي يحقق الابتكار. ويهدف المركز الإسلامي العالمي للتكنولوجيا المالية والاستدامة (GISFC) إلى تعزيز مكانة البحرين المتميزة كالرائدة العالمية في التمويل الإسلامي والصيرفة.

October 20, 2018

Global Islamic & Sustainable FinTech Center (GISFC) launched at Bahrain FinTech Bay

Manama: Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) announces today the launch of the Global Islamic & Sustainable FinTech Center (GISFC) with local, regional and international members. GISFC, builds on BFB’s diverse network of partnerships locally, regionally and internationally, and aims to help accelerate the use of FinTech to drive the next phase of growth in Islamic finance, whilst also focusing on sustainable, social and responsible innovation. The launch of the GISFC reaffirms Bahrain’s distinguished position as the global leader in Islamic finance and banking.

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