Bahrain’s transformation into a cashless, digital economy is not far away, promises AFS CEO

December 6, 2017


If you thought Bahrain’s transformation into a digital economy wasn’t taking place as fast as you had hoped for, soon you might have to reconsider your stand. After all, if all goes well, the Kingdom could take as little as two years to turn itself into a near-cashless digital economy.


That claim came from none other than the chief executive of Arab Financial Services (AFS), B. Chandrasekhar himself. And judging by some of the behind-the-scene modernization attempts the government is currently undertaking, it looks like Chandrasekhar’s forecast is firmly rooted in reality rather than being merely an over-optimistic outlook.


In A key move with potentially far-reaching impacts, Bahrain is already preparing to pass a legislation aimed at making digital salary payments mandatory across the country. Amo