The Bahrain and Indian fintech ecosystems: what each can learn from the other

March 15, 2018


Different ecosystems, different regions – as Bahrain steps up when it comes to fintech, what can it learn from India, and in turn, teach the country?


“Disruption is here - the question is, are we ready for it or not? And if we aren’t ready for it, then we have a problem at an individual, institutional, and collective ecosystem level,” says Khalid Saad, at the newly-instated Bahrain Fintech Bay in Manama Bahrain.


Khalid is the CEO of Bahrain Fintech Bay, and his primary focus is on promoting the island country’s financial services sector, attracting new investments in the space.


Overlooking high-rises on the one side and the sea on the other, the 10,000-sq-ft Fintech Bay is a ‘smart building’ in its truest sense. Meeting rooms are blocked remotely, lights get switched on and off automatically detecting natural light, and blinds shut and open as per the light outside and the people in a room.


But there is a lot more beyond these shenanigans. The Fintech Bay is working on evolving a fi