How Bahrain is driving Islamic fintech forward

May 29, 2018

Islamic Business & Finance’s exclusive conversation with Khalid Saad, CEO, Bahrain Fintech Bay on developing Bahrain into the region’s fintech hub.



What was the vision behind the Bahrain FinTech Bay? 

The concept of the FinTech Bay in Bahrain was a vision of how we can meaningfully develop the fintech ecosystem so that it becomes sustainable, forward looking, and embracing the latest innovations. We wanted it to become the place where local regional, international institutions could collaborate, and together call Bahrain home.

This initiative included different pieces. One was the regulatory piece, the funding piece, and how can we create a platform which combines both the physical and the non-physical elements and making it a catalyst to drive the FinTech Bay and drives it as Bahrain’s first dedicated fintech space in the region. At