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Crypto Trade Challenge

February 25th - March 17th, 2023

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Join Bahrain's first Crypto Trade Challenge in partnership with Rain Management WLL and  Bahrain FinTech Bay. The challenge invites crypto-asset enthusiasts to meet experts from Rain and execute strategic decisions in trading crypto-assets through a simulated environment. 


The challenge will consist of a bootcamp day, followed by a one-month trading period. Individuals applying for the challenge will be matched into teams and receive training and mentorship throughout the bootcamp and 3-week trading period.


Following the trading period, teams will present the performance of their crypto-assets investment and showcase the strategy taken to a panel of judges who will then choose the top-performing team.


A crypto reward for the winning team

Internship opportunity for select participants

All participants will receive participation certificates


Jan 29

Feb 25

Mar 5

Mar 31

Apr 3

Applications Open


Trading Period


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Meet the Mentors

Jad Mubaslat.png
Mohamed Albahrani.png
Tabish Shoaib.png
Ali Almohsen.png

Jad Mubaslat

Mohamed Albahrani

Tabish Shoaib

Ali Almohsen

VP of Engineering,


Senior Manager of Business Development, Rain

Global Head of Operations, Rain

Software Engineering Manager, Rain

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