FinTech Stories: 


Sep 2020

Your Digital Tax Advisor in a Pocket

Digital Transformation: Cybersecurity

May 2020

Protect and grow your business through mitigating the security risks of cyberspace.

Artificial Intelligence: The Digital Age

November 2019

Understand the role of AI across multiple industries as a strategy to further empower capabilities

Rain: First Licensed Crypto-Assets Company in MENA

August 2019

A brief overview of the crypto-assets market in Bahrain following the licensing

Open Banking Module Summary

February 2019

Summary of open banking regulations issued by CBB

Blockchain Technology in Bahrain

November 2018

A survey conducted on the potential of blockchain technology in Bahrain


Debunking the Cost of Digital 

Aug 2020

Today, the insurance industry is looking for ways to become more digitalised.

Digital Transformation: Cloud Infrastructure

April 2020

Gain an in-depth understanding of cloud computing so you can make the right decisions for your entity

Digital Transformation: Blockchain Technology

October 2019

Learn about blockchain technology and its potential use cases for varied industries

Insurance Aggregators Module Summary

May 2019

Summary of insurance aggregators regulations issued by CBB

Crypto-Asset Module Summary

February 2019

Summary of Crypto-Asset regulations issued by CBB

FinTech Stories: 

MIZA Fintech

May 2020

Digital lending proved to be a powerful enabler of  financial inclusion.

Activating the Internet of Things

March 2020

Discover the opportunities behind the growth of IoT devices and its impact on business operations

Augmenting Insurance Literacy with Souqalmal

October 2019

Learn how Souqalmal is championing insurance literacy in the GCC

Open Banking: Transforming Financial Services

April 2019

Analysis of the impact of open banking on the financial services industry 

Digital Financial Advice Module Summary

February 2019

Summary of digital financial advice regulations issued by CBB

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