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Ameera Mohammed

Senior Associate, Acceleration

Ameera Mohamed leads the acceleration initiatives at Bahrain FinTech Bay, curating innovation-focused programs tailored for financial institutions and government entities. She designs, executes, and manages acceleration activities targeting a diverse range of startups and youth, aligning programs with the evolving needs of program partners. Through the acceleration programs, she has supported over 60 startups and young entrepreneurs with tech-enabled and FinTech solutions, guiding them to seamlessly integrate available technology into their business solutions, navigate Bahrain's ecosystem, and access further growth opportunities. She also manages relations with VC partners, actively facilitating the sharing of investment prospects within Bahrain and strategically maximizing their engagement within the FinTech ecosystem.

Ameera will further extend her expertise towards the “Innovate for Bahrain” initiative, where she will deliver innovation-focused programs, aiming to foster the growth and innovation of startups and Bahrain's talent, ensuring a forward-thinking and innovation-driven community.

Ameera graduated with a BSc degree in Banking and Finance from Bahrain Polytechnic, showcasing a strong foundation in the industry. She has also volunteered with Mutamahin and CFA Society Bahrain, contributing to the organization of talent development programs and events for the financial industry.

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