NBB Digital Banking Challenge

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In Strategic Partnership with the  National Bank of Bahrain and Bahrain FinTech Bay

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The Challenge

Develop solutions for NBB’s Digital Banking App that focuses on the youth and features the latest trends to enhance user experience.


The challenge will be divided into two phases, Bootcamp and Digital Incubation.


Phase 1
Phase 2
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You can apply to the Bootcamp as a team or as an individual. Participants will be put in teams before the Bootcamp begins. They will be matched into teams according to their skillsets to develop the solutions during the digital incubation period. Through the 2-day boot camp, which will begin over the weekend, participants will be attending panel discussions with NBB's key teams, giving them insights on NBB. 


Following the Bootcamp, teams will submit a short video talking about themselves and their proposed solutions. The NBB and BFB teams will make a selection based on the most innovative ideas.

Digital Incubation 

The teams will later go through a 6-week digital incubation designed to further nurture and develop these solutions into idea-stage startups. This phase will consist of three tracks, i.e., the Startup track, the NBB track, and the Mentorship track. The program will conclude in a Demo Day that will award the Top 3 best solutions with prize money and other prizes to be announced.

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Winning teams & individuals will receive:

Prize Money



Months Incubation at Bahrain FinTech Bay

Challenge Timeline

Aug - Nov 2021

Aug 16

Sep 20

Sep 24 - Sep 25

Oct 3 - Oct 7

Oct 10 - Nov 18

Nov 28

6-week period


Open (Kickoff)

Applications Close

NBB Bootcamp

(2 Days)

Team Selection

Acceleration Phase

Demo Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility criteria

  • Bahrainis or Bahraini residents
  • Between ages 18-24
  • University Students
  • Can apply as an individual or as a team
  • Skillset: Technical or non-technical, i.e., within ICT, business or design/multimedia

Do I need to apply to the program with an idea/solution?

No! You can apply as a participant interested in being matched to a team, working towards finding a solution for NBB’s digital banking application.

What should my idea/solution be based around?

Your ideas should be aimed toward finding different solutions you’d like to see implemented on the NBB digital banking application as a young consumer.

Will there be any mentors?

Yes! Our goal is to connect you with mentors and industry experts of various fields from the National Bank of Bahrain to receive first-hand details about their digital banking application. The incubation phase will also involve an NBB track and a mentorship track to help you through the 6-weeks.

Program process

Applications Open: August 16th - September 20 Phase 1: - NBB Bootcamp: September 24 - September 25 (2 Days) - Team Selection: October 3 - October 7 (1 week) Phase 2: - Acceleration: October 10 - November 18 (6 weeks) Phase 3: - NBB Demo Day: November 28 The top compelling solutions will receive a cash prize incentive, a 3-month residency at Bahrain FinTech Bay, and more prizes to be announced.

What topics will be covered during the 6-week digital incubation period?


Bootcamp Agenda | September 24 & 25, 2021

The Bootcamp will be a 2-day event, from September 24th - 25th, 2021 (Friday & Saturday) between 03:00 - 07:00 pm. Both days will consist of 2-3 panels of discussions, discussing various topics, and being introduced to the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) teams. During the 2 days, you will be doing the following:

  • Learn more about the challenge, and understand the different areas that need to be worked on towards your solution.
  • Get introduced to the NBB team.
  • Meet your team members if you have applied as an individual. (Kindly note that you will be matched to your team members based on skill-set).
  • The day will be concluded with a networking dinner between 6:00 - 07:00 pm.

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