Western Union with NEC launches digital money transfers in Bahrain

Western Union has launched digital money transfers in Bahrain, in cooperation with Nonoo Exchange Company (NEC). With the activation of the Western Union® mobile app and WU.com transactional website, customers will be able to send money 24/7 to almost anywhere in the world.

Odilon Almeida, President, Western Union Global Money Transfer said, “We have launched this app in more than 44 countries and we were very pleased with the results where we are not only addressing our previous customer segments today but also tapping into new customer segments. Our omnichannel platform is unique in its ability to connect the digital and physical worlds of money across more than 200 countries and territories. Today we have started off with a debit system, but we are looking at a future of possibilities where we will have transactions directly from their account, where we could have mobile wallets, link any kind of account to one another and more.”

Western Union Regional Vice President, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan Hatem Sleiman mentioned that the new digital channels will provide users instant access to our global money transfer services, right at their fingertips.

“When money moves, good things happen, and with our continued investment in digital innovation, we are connecting more people across borders than ever before.

“The www.westernunion.com website and mobile app will give consumers in Bahrain the flexibility, reliability, and real-time access to services they need. With the addition of the digital layer, we now cover both online and offline consumers, raising the bar in reach and convenience.”

On his part Fuad Nonoo, CEO, NEC Money Exchange said, “We have been helping customers from all walks of life to manage their money for almost 30 years. Collaborating with Western Union has opened opportunities for global remittance for us. This directly supports our mission of providing excellence in customer service, diversifying our offering through strategic partnerships.”

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