Digital Innovation Lab in Bahrain FinTech Bay

The Innovation Lab will also showcase applications from the world's leading FinTech software providers

Press Release

Bahrain — 01 Systems announces the launch of its “Switch to Digital” Innovation Lab at Bahrain FinTech Bay. The innovation lab will showcase 01 Systems’ latest products and solutions in the digital space that are meant to help organizations in their digital transformation journey.

01 Systems’ end to end solutions are a unique combination of business know how and technology experience that cover all aspects of digital transformation. From a digital customer onboarding platform that can be used to onboard customers through any channel, to digital kiosk solutions that focus on providing interactive paperless transactions, among other solutions that incorporate biometric identification solutions offering additional security, richer experience, and ease of use to the organization’s customers.

The Innovation Lab will also showcase applications from the world’s leading FinTech software providers and will provide visitors with the opportunity to experiment with various solutions that are already implemented by 01 Systems in the top banks regionally and internationally.

"Being a founding partner of Bahrain FinTech Bay, we aim to help the financial sector in Bahrain to move forward towards a more digitized environment. Our deep industry experience helped many banks achieve digital transformation throughout the years, and we would like to build on that by working with Bahrain FinTech Bay and our Global partners to achieve new heights in the digital transformation space." said Ali Sharif, Founder and CEO of 01 Systems.

"The establishment of the 01 Systems Innovation Lab is a key step in furthering Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem and spreading more awareness about the digital transformation process. We are proud that a Bahraini FinTech, which is serving clients globally is leading this initiative and we are excited to collaborate with them to support the wider ecosystem," said Khalid Saad, CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay.

About 01 Systems

01 Systems is a leading banking software solutions provider, with more than 30 years of innovation in the fields of enterprise signatory management, content management, business process automation and branch digitization. Focused on the financial sector, 01 Systems assists more than 300 customers globally, to efficiently process/authorize millions of daily transactions.

Learn more about 01 Systems Website at

About Bahrain FinTech Bay

Bahrain FinTech Bay (“BFB”) is the leading FinTech Hub in Middle East, located conveniently in the Arcapita Building, Bahrain. Bahrain FinTech Bay provides a physical hub to incubate insightful, scalable and impactful FinTech initiatives through innovation labs, acceleration programmes, curated activities, educational opportunities and collaborative platforms.

Bahrain FinTech Bay partners with governmental bodies, financial institutions, corporates, consultancy firms, universities, associations, media agencies, venture capital and FinTech start-ups to bring the full spectrum of financial market participants and stakeholders together.

For more information on Bahrain FinTech Bay visit

Source: Zawya

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