AIB-Bahrain signs partnership agreement with Eazy Financial Services to join ‘EazyNet™’ as a Member

Al Baraka Islamic Bank (AIB-Bahrain), announced the signing of a membership affiliation & partnership Agreement as an issuer and ATM Acquirer with Eazy Financial Services ‘eazyNet™’, an established Bahraini FinTech Biometric Payment Network Company, for the provision of Biometric payment services that will give its customers a safe, more convenient and more secure way to conduct all their banking transactions and purchases through ATMs and Point of Sale.

The signing ceremony was held at the Al Baraka Islamic Bank headquarters in Bahrain Bay in the presence of Mr. Hamad Al Oqab, the Chief Executive Officer of AIB-Bahrain, Mr. Tariq Kazim, the General Manager of AIB-Bahrain, and Ms. Fatema AlAlawi, the Head of the Retail Banking Department of AIB-Bahrain. From Eazy Financial Service’s side, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Jamal Alhazeem, Chairman of Eazy Financial Service, and Mr. Nayef Alalawi, the Board Member & Chief Executive Officer of Eazy Financial Service.

Through the Agreement, AIB-Bahrain’s clientele will also have access to the region’s first Biometric Payment Network ‘eazyNet™’, thereby allowing the customers to make payments anywhere and at any time where ‘eazyNet™’ is accepted, without the hassles of carrying a debit/credit card or cash or smart phones. This is done in an agile, accurate and satisfying manner, all in the knowledge that their financial information is supremely protected by their individual biological data, i.e. their fingerprints serve as their actual debit/credit card.

Elaborating on the Bank’s strategy, Mr. Hamad Al Oqab, the Chief Executive Officer of Al Baraka Islamic Bank-Bahrain, said: “On behalf of AIB-Bahrain, it gives me immense pleasure to announce our partnership with Eazy towards the provision of such a revolutionary, game-changing service to our customers. Our partnership with such a futuristic-minded organization is in line with the ongoing implementation of our progressive FinTech strategy that will not only minimize the need for physical banking, but it will also greatly expedite our digital banking processes as well. This in turn serves to illustrate our constant pursuit of the latest in innovation and streamlined initiatives as we seek to provide the best and most customer-centric products and services for our clientele.”

Eazy Financial Services is an Ancillary Service Provider focused on providing Biometric payment services and innovative solutions. Eazy offers Biometric payment services and innovative solutions to the banking and financial services industries by bringing a new era of secured and convenient transaction experience.

Through its state-of-the-art Biometric Network, clients are empowered with a unique transaction experience by enabling biometric transactions for cash withdrawals plus ATM card PIN number, in-store payments, in-branch customer experience, identification services, merchant loyalty programs, and others.

With its establishment in 1984 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Al Baraka Islamic Bank B.S.C. – Bahrain has a longstanding track record of delivering excellence, innovation and superior results. The Bank ranks among the leading providers of Islamic banking products and services to its clientele and is supported by the quality of investments it has on offer, its strength of performance and a sound financial position. AIB – Bahrain offers innovative financial products, including investments, international trading, management of short-term liquidity and consumer financing, all of which are all based on Islamic financing modes.

Source: bizbahrain

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