Batelco hosts 'Batelco Talks' session with Bahrain FinTech Bay

In line with its efforts to provide employees with an interactive platform for the exchange of knowledge.

The recent 'Batelco Talks' session with Khalid Saad, CEO of FinTech Bay

Batelco held its monthly sessions of 'Batelco Talks' recently at its headquarters in Hamala, Bahrain. The main topic of discussion was Bahrain's FinTech ecosystem.

The session was delivered by Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) CEO Khalid Saad, highlighting the key developments taking place in Bahrain's FinTech ecosystem. He shed light on the important role of BFB towards a digital economy and the subsequent digitization of the financial services sector. In the session, he also emphasised Batelco as an integral player in the ICT industry both locally and regionally.

Batelco continuously strives to contribute towards the growth of the local economy. It endevours to position the Kingdom of Bahrain as a regional hub for technology. Both the company's executives and staff attended the session as part of its aim to foster an environment conducive of learning and the exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, the event reflects Batelco's commitment to investing the development of its human capital.

Sessions of 'Batelco Talks' are delivered by industry leaders to keep employees up to date with the latest technologies, trends and new concepts in the business field.

Source: Comms MEA.

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