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Bahrain FinTech Bay partners with Ryalize to maximize fintech opportunities in the Middle East

May 8th, 2023

Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) announces its partnership with Ryalize, an enterprise fintech company that partners with Financial Institutions to provide cost-effective and seamless micro-solutions which will enable them to stay relevant, responsive, innovative, and gain an edge in attracting new business. They have recently launched their first solution in Bahrain and Jordan, Earned Wage Access (EWA), that allows corporate employees access to their earned salary on-demand.

As one of the leading fintech hubs in the Middle East, BFB is dedicated to providing startups with the resources, expertise, and support they need to succeed. The partnership with Ryalize will further enhance its capabilities and enable it to tap into new regional fintech opportunities.

Suzy Al Zeerah, Chief Operating Officer of Bahrain FinTech Bay, said, “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Ryalize whose dedication to advancing the financial landscape and promoting financial inclusivity, is in alignment with our commitment to further developing the fintech ecosystem of Bahrain. We look forward to supporting Ryalize’s growth and expansion and partnering with them to explore fintech opportunities that create a wider impact on the region.”

Ryalize, a fintech startup focused on promoting financial inclusivity and advancing the financial landscape in the region, is thrilled to partner with BFB.

Khalid Alshakrani, Ryalize’s Managing Director, has expressed his thoughts, "Our partnership with Bahrain FinTech Bay centers around our commitment to accelerate growth in Bahrain and regionally. We aim to maximize our impact and continue building toward a financially inclusive future. We believe we are our strongest when we work hand in hand with the different stakeholders. Bahrain FinTech Bay is recognized for spearheading innovative initiatives by fostering a collaborative culture among various stakeholders. We are confident that this partnership will be instrumental in unlocking a great deal of opportunities for Ryalize. We look forward to working together to provide the best value and support to our community and advance the financial landscape in the region."

Together, BFB and Ryalize will leverage their respective strengths to drive innovation and growth in the fintech industry in Bahrain and beyond. We are excited about this partnership's possibilities and look forward to working closely with Ryalize to achieve our shared goals.


About Ryalize:

Ryalize is an enterprise Fintech founded in Singapore in late 2019. The company partners with Financial Institutions, to serve the needs of their corporate and retail clients by providing cost-effective and seamless micro-solutions that will enable Financial Institutions to stay relevant, responsive, innovative, and gain an edge in acquiring new business.

About Bahrain FinTech Bay:

Bahrain FinTech Bay is an ecosystem builder. We incubate impactful and scalable Fintech initiatives through innovation labs, acceleration programs, curated activities, and educational opportunities. Our collaborative platform is dedicated to furthering the development, interaction, and acceleration of the Fintech ecosystem. To bring the full spectrum of market participants together, we partner with governmental bodies, financial institutions, corporates, consultancy firms, universities, associations, venture capital, and Fintech start-ups.


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