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Newly launched fintech solution Dinarii will be exhibited at Gitex 2022 at Bahrain Pavilion

Bahrain, Manama (October 2022) - Codebase Technologies, one of the world’s leading Open API banking solutions providers, and Atyaf eSolutions, a regional leader in digital transformation solutions have partnered to create an innovative 3-in-1 marketplace enablement platform, Dinarii. The first-of-its-kind platform is targeted toward financial institutions, fintechs, and merchants looking to launch and manage their customer-centric banking marketplace ecosystems.

Dinarii encompasses three core aspects, including eCommerce, price comparison, and embedded finance, integrated into one seamless platform that allows for true innovation across the customer journey. Based on Open Banking technology, the platform allows financial institutions to integrate multiple parties into one convenient ecosystem. Dinarii offers complete customer journeys from initial marketplace discovery to loan and credit approval and disbursal. Customers can explore numerous products featured on the marketplace, view price comparisons, select their preferred financing option, submit required documents and receive instant approvals for financing. The platform leverages the concept of embedded finance to offer customers unparalleled access and convenience across their devices of choice.

Offering ready-to-go integrations with regulatory authorities, and legacy systems and featuring enterprise-grade security, Dinarii addresses key challenges financial institutions face in enhancing their credit business and attracting new customers.

Raheel Iqbal, Managing Partner of Codebase Technologies, stated “Dinarii empower FIs to create ecosystems around their customers to enhance retention, make purchasing large items such as real estate and automobiles simpler and offer an easy way to avail of financing. The platform can greatly enhance an FI’s ability to grow and expand by acquiring new customers, enhancing purchase design, and bundling products and services together to allow for simpler fulfillment.”

Ubaydli Ubaydli, Chairman of Atyaf eSolutions, emphasized that “Dinarii is truly a revolutionary and disruptive product. Our vision is to give financial institutions a way to fast-track the creation of marketplace ecosystems that help drive their business and give their customers a unique and complete purchasing experience. The benefits are huge for both FIs and their customers, both benefitting from the Dinarii platform in terms of customer experience, business growth, and broader choice. As a Bahraini product, this will position Bahrain as an advanced innovative hub to lead the digital transformation projects in the region toward a promising, emerging fintech market in the MENA region.”

The newly launched fintech solution will be exhibited at the GITEX event in Dubai on October 10-14 where Dinarii will be featured at the Bahrain Pavilion Za’abeel Hall 3, stand Z3-A22-05/06.


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