NBB Recognized By Forbes In International Case Study

In recognition of its commitment towards the growth and development of its employees, the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has been recognized internationally by Forbes in a case study drafted by Mark D. Nevins, a contributor at Forbes, and co-written by Mohamed Matar, General Manager at EMIC Training, where the bank’s efforts towards its human capital were commended and showcased as best practice.

The case study highlights how NBB continued to prioritize the development of its people, despite the current situation, by providing digital alternatives such as e-learning and virtual training, which was driven by both the HR department and the executive team.

Commenting on the recognition, Jean-Christophe Durand, Chief Executive Officer of NBB said, “I would like to congratulate all our team members at NBB for their continued dedication towards their career growth and personal development, as it has directly contributed to the Bank being recognized on an international scale. This stands testament to the success of our approach towards our human capital and providing them with the necessary resources to become a high-performing workforce. As the local bank, the development of our national talent remains a strategic priority, and we will continue working towards ensuring that our staff is empowered and able to continue on their path towards professional progression despite the circumstance, to create future leaders in the banking industry.”

As part of these efforts, the Bank maintained employee engagement and provided employees with a revamped internal training model creating training opportunities across a number of topics, including coping mechanisms to support them with adjusting to the current situation, alongside other carefully curated topics to benefit them on their career path.

This approach empowered them to take responsibility for their career progression through the training sessions which were migrated online as part of NBB’s drive towards increased digitalization, allowing increased flexibility and accessibility when taking part in the sessions. The Bank also ensured that the momentum of company-wide recruiting and succession planning efforts was not hindered by the pandemic.

The case study conducted by Forbes can be viewed through the link here.

Source: Bentrepreneur

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